If you are handy around automobiles, you can save a lot of money by doing work on your vehicle yourself. Approximately 77% of vehicles on the road are in need of repairs or maintenance at any given time. Whether you have a car, motorcycle, snowmobile or other motorized vehicle, there are a number of things that could go wrong that could cost you hundreds of dollars to repair at a shop. If you can repair these things on your own, you can save a lot of money.

About 80% of the most common vehicle repairs are related to durability, and they are relatively simple things that most people could learn to do if they wanted to. This includes things like changing brake pads, changing headlights or taillights or replacing a battery, filters or wiper blades. Though these are the types of repairs that don’t cost a lot to have done for you, you can still save a significant amount of money by learning to do them yourself.

Other repairs are more complicated and may only be something that people with mechanical skills would want to tackle. These could include issues like a fuel pump repair. However, even in cases where the repairs are too complicated to tackle on your own, you still might be able to save money. For example, if your motorcycle needs repairs to its fuel system, you could buy your own fueling motorcycle parts from an auto store or online and then find someone to make the fix for you. This will typically save you some money compared with taking it to a repair shop. If you can find used fueling motorcycle parts that are still in good shape, you can save even more money. The same goes for any other type of vehicle: if you can do some of the work on your own, even if it is just shopping for parts, then you are likely to save some money.

Keep in mind that while you can save money doing your own vehicle repairs, you have to be sure you are doing them correctly. Repairs done incorrectly could make the vehicle unsafe, and they also could void warranty coverage. Make sure you know what you are doing and leave more complicated repairs to professional mechanics.

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