The concept of locks and keys is indeed an old one, and they are often associated with dungeons or gates. Often, locks were used for these purposes in times past, but today, locks can do more. We use locks to secure a car or vehicle from intruders, locks can keep a house’s front door safe, and padlocks can even be used for a gym locker. Locks can be opened with keys, spin dials, or digital key pads. But sometimes, a lock may become faulty or damaged, or the owner may have lost the key or forgotten a combination. It can be a real problem if a lock’s owner cannot access their property or items, so they should call upon lockpick exerts who may have auto jigglers, key extractors, lockpick sets, and more to help out. A lock pick training kit is a fine way to a trainee to practice this craft, and in fact lock pick training kits can be found at some hardware stores, or found online. A lock enthusiast might look up “lock pick training kits” online as well as some practice locks, too. But it’s not just lock pick training kits. Entire companies are based on opening faulty locks for clients. How might this work out?


Many Americans own one or more cars or pickup trucks, and of course each door on such a vehicle can be locked to keep out intruders. Ordinarily, the owner will turn a key in the driver door’s lock, or they can use an electronic fob to remotely unlock that vehicle. But suppose the fob stops working, or the keys are locked inside the car? In the former case, a fob’s owner may contact the manufacturer and visit local shops that can fix a fob, if not replace it entirely. A faulty fob may be repaired and reprogrammed, and tested on the car to ensure that the signal is going through.

What if someone is locked out of their car? This is fairly common, and it can be a real problem if a person cannot enter their locked car. But rather than smash open the windows, the owner is urged to contact local lock smith agencies, and a specialist will be sent to the car’s location. Now, an expert may verify the car’s owner, then use lock pick tools to open one of the car’s doors and allow the owner to get inside and retrieve their key.

Other Locks

Key extractors are also quite useful. Sometimes, a key might snap when it is twisted in a lock, and that is a problem. The key shard cannot be removed by hand, and the piece blocks the person from inserting another key to turn that lock. The lock is thus rendered inert, and the owner may want to contact local key experts who can use key extractor tool to remove the key shard.

What about safes? Many Americans may own a portable safe for business or personal items, and these portable safes are very tough and will have either a keypad or spin dial for opening. But suppose it malfunctions or no one can remember the combination? It may be very difficult to break open the safe (and that would ruin it anyway), so the owner may contact professionals from the safe’s manufacturer to help out. They can hack into an electronic key pad to open the safe, and program in a new combination that the owner will be urged to remember. These small, portable safes are often used to store items such as jewelry, cash, expensive laptops, or business documents or personal files, such as car loan or mortgage information.

Law enforcement agents or medical teams may also make good use of lockpick sets, too. For example, police may use lockpicks to gain entry to a building or room to apprehend a criminal without breaking down a door or breaking open windows. And if a house’s occupant needs help but can’t open the door, paramedics may pick the front door to get inside without breaking it down. For example, an elderly person living alone has just collapsed, and their house’s doors and windows are all locked. Saving a life may depend on picking those locks right away.

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