The concept of locks is indeed an old one, and some of the earliest ones were wooden bolts that the ancient Egyptians used to lock doors. Over the centuries, locks have also been used to secure wooden chests, lock dungeon or cellar doors, and much more. Today, we trade dungeon doors and wooden bolts for car locks and fobs, portable safes, gym locker padlocks, and more. A lock may be opened either with a key or a combination that is entered with a spin dial or an electronic key pad. But sometimes, a lock may malfunction, or the owner might lose their key or forget the combination. Short of breaking the lock or property to get around this, the owner can contact professionals who have locksmith tools and supplies on hand such as lockpick sets. These locksmith tools and supplies kits may also include electronic lock picks, auto jigglers, car lock picks, and even key extractors. In fact, some enthusiasts may find locksmith tools and supplies and practice locks online and order them, and enjoy their hobby of unlocking locks. And of course, locksmith tools and supplies are central for companies who offer the service of undoing locks for clients. How might this work out?

Unlocking Car Doors

Many Americans own their own car or pickup truck, and being expensive and useful, these vehicles will always have locks in their doors to keep out intruders. The ignition is also protected with a lock, so not just anyone can hop into a stranger’s car and drive off with it unless the key is already there for some reason. But what if a car’s locks or fob fail and lock the owner out of the vehicle? This is quite common today, and many thousands of Americans find themselves locked out of their car. Short of breaking open the windows, the car owner can contact local lock smiths and car opener crews, who will send an agent to help. This expert will verify the car’s owner, then unlock a door with certain tools and allow the owner to reach their keys inside the car. And if the electronic fob is lost, damaged, or fails to send a signal, the owner may send it in for repairs or a replacement (or report a missing fob). Experts can reprogram a fob so that it will send a signal to the correct car consistently.

Safes and More

Today’s locksmith tools and supplies can do more than open accidentally-locked cars. Many Americans also own portable safes, which can be used to store important paperwork for finances, property, or business. People may also store jewelry, cash, or expensive electronics inside their safes. These safes may be opened with a key, spin dial, or electronic key pad, but the owner might lose the key or forget the combination. In this case, the owner may want to contact local experts, as well as the safe’s manufacturer, to bring over professionals who can open the safe. It is not a good idea to try and break the safe open, since safes are tough enough to endure such attempts and they would be totally ruined even if the owner did break in. A lock expert can open the safe and program in a new combination for an electronic key pad, or find a way to provide the owner with a new key.

Police officers and paramedics may also use lock pick gear to get into a building, if need be. Police and other law enforcement agents may use them to get into a building to apprehend a criminal or suspect without having to break down a door or break open a window. This can help maintain stealth and avoid causing property damage. And if a victim needs help but they are alone inside a locked house, paramedics may have a lockpick expert who can pick the house’s front or back door and get inside.

Finally, key extractors can be used to retrieve a broken piece of a key from a lock, as a stuck key piece prevents a new key from being inserted, and the piece cannot be rotated by hand. The damaged key piece must be removed first.

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