We’ve all heard the perennial car maintenance tips for winter. But how often do we actually practice these tips before we don the hats and gloves? More importantly, here’s why it’s important to address all of those procrastinated car repairs before winter sets in.

Here, we address the most common causes of winter car repairs, and prepare you with car maintenance tips for winter.

  • Battery ReplacementIt is no coincidence that one of the most common winter car repairs is replacing the battery. Changes in temperature and the power necessary to provide heat are taxing on your car’s battery.
  • Heater RepairAfter sitting idle for months, it is not uncommon for winter car repairs to include car heaters and defrosters. If you suspect your heater is not running efficiently, it is recommended to get it fixed before the temperature drops suddenly.
  • Headlight ReplacementReduced daylight hours in winter results in significantly more night time driving. So it is no surprise that a common winter car repairs include headlight replacement. People often don’t realize that their car’s night vision is compromised until winter suddenly requires it. Replacement or repair of head and tail lights is also a common procedure after a collision, provided by an auto body shop.
  • Windshield Wiper Motor ReplacementAdditional strain on wiper motors occurs throughout winter, with increased use during rain, sleet and the worst, heavy snow. Costly car repairs may include the motor replacement – unless you get it checked out in advance to prevent damaging precipitation.
  • Wiper ReplacementWhile it seems minor, replacing wipers with heavier duty blades will help you see much better in winter weather, as well as provide extra safety in low visibility situations.
  • Dent RepairWhile you may not consider this in your car repairs menu, now may be the time for you to fix that dent from a collision or minor fender bender – before harsh winter weather wreaks havoc on your car’s exterior. If you have been involved with even a minor fender bender, a local auto body shop can provide dent repair before winter sleet and road salt exacerbate the damage. Most auto body repair shops will provide you with a free collision repair estimate. If you are fortunate enough to have minimal damage, ask your if paintless dent repair is an option.

For more information about winter weather maintenance and preventive measures, visit this friendly list from Auto Trader: https://www.autotrader.com/car-shopping/8-simple-winter-car-care-tips-246739

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