There are a number of clamps under the hood of our cars, but most people undervalue the quality of their hose clamps. There are a variety of different types of hose clamps that suit different needs, and their purpose with then vary by size and grade. Stainless hose clamps marine-graded will offer the most support for many placements, and they will especially suffice for use on your vehicle.

A reliable clamp will prevent leaks and provide tight tension between hose and barbs or nipples. Finding the right size clamp will assure that there are no leaks in your car, which is a problem especially common with hoses connected between the radiator and engine.

Finding the Right Hose Clamp

Hose clamps are going to range in size, so you can refer to the owner’s manual of your car, or you can measure the clamp that you will be replacing. Standard sizes will likely fall between 7/8in and 1 3/4in. Once you’ve established the size of your hose clamp, you can refer to the make of it. Steel hose clamps are most commonly used with vehicles, but stainless hose clamps marine-graded will provide the most reliability and durability.

These clamps share many of the same attributes as standard clamps, such as their adjustability and style. There’ll be varying degrees of applicable pressure and some leeway to adjust their fit. Many of these clamps will require the use of a flathead screwdriver to be fixed. The difference between standard clamps and marine-graded clamps are the quality, where as the latter are going to have longer lifespans and enforce the hose on your engine to a higher degree.

Replacing Your Clamp

There are going to be a few noticeable instances where hose clamps should be replaced. If you notice that your car is leaking coolant, or a discolored liquid, the coolant levels are low, or that the engine is overheating, then it’s possible that you will need to replace the clamps on your radiator hose. There are many other hoses under your hood that may be damaged or need readjusting with a clamp, so be certain to visit a professional mechanic to diagnose your car if the problem seems difficult to spot.

Protecting Your Vehicle

The inventory under the hood of your vehicle will wear with time, so check the hoses if you notice any new problems arising. In many cases, clamps can be replaced and bring vitality back to your engine.

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