The owner of any motor vehicle is likely to take that car or truck to local auto shops and tire shops for routine maintenance and inspections, anything from oil changes to replacing a busted brake light. But don’t forget the rims and tires, either, which will need care as well. A car with high quality rims and tires in good shape will drive smoothly and safely, but damaged rims or very old tires are going to be a liability (and possibly even a hazard). Wheels and tires can be fixed or replaced right away, and even fairly cheap tires may prove better than the car’s very old, current tires. So, what is there to know about the repair and replacement of car rims, or swapping out old tires for new?

A Car and Its Rims

A car’s aluminum alloy rims are a major part of the wheels, and the car’s tires will rest on those rims. If a car gets into an auto accident or suffers other trauma, though, the rims are going to get cracked, bent, scuffed, or otherwise impaired. Such damage is at best ugly and at worst compromises the vehicle’s performance, so the owner can and probably should visit auto shops for repair work. Minor damage, such as scuffing, can be fixed at the hands of professionals, who can make the rims look and function like new. Dented rims can have their dents pounded right out to restore the rim’s shape and aesthetics, just like body dent repair. Whenever possible, a car owner ought to have the rims repaired rather than replaced, to save money.

If a rims is bent out of shape or badly cracked, though, the time has come for replacement, as no repair work can get that rim back in functional shape. New rims may be tough and attractive, and they can be designed for particular driving conditions in some cases. Car enthusiasts like to show off their cars at meet or take part in races, and this calls for specialized rims. As a bonus car rims can be spray painted custom colors, or even have lights added in them for looks.

Car Tires and Replacement

A car’s tires do not have to be totally replaced every time that vehicle is taken to the shop. More often, they are rotated, and this is routine work that keeps the tires in good shape for a longer time. Many car owners coincide tire rotations with oil changes to create a convenient and regular schedule for tire care. Or, the owner can keep a log of all tire rotations done.

What might go wrong with tires, though? Major trauma such as a puncture or a blowout will certainly call for tire replacement, but that is not the only hazard. A tire will naturally wear out over time, and a very old tire is liable to slowly and constantly leak air. Even pumping that tire back up with air is only a temporary fix, and a partially inflated tire is floppy and too soft to drive on. Such tires are not fuel efficient, and they may even make the car’s performance erratic and risky. Many auto incidents involve one or more cars with very old tires, and old tires may also have worn down grips (thus making them a bit too slick to drive on).

A tire that suffers a puncture might be eligible for repairs, if the puncture is not too severe and the damage isn’t on a critical part of the tire’s body. If so, the foreign object is removed, and the tire has a patch applied to it.

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