An ATV is a workhorse that can get work done on a farm, in the yard or even help with tilling a garden. You also might be interested in an ATV for the pure fun of owning one and riding nearly anywhere that motorized vehicles can go. You also can use one through all four seasons – including plowing snow from a drive and roosting around in it later while riding your ATV.

New ATVs for sale can cost a lot of money and could require full-coverage insurance if you finance one. A used ATV that is in good shape and has a strong motor could save you a lot on the purchase price.

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It also can be affordable to maintain while delivering year-round fun. Whether you want an ATV for recreation, to get work done or possibly a bit of both, this video can help you to find a good one.

A good, used ATV will have good tires, drivetrain and a strong and well-maintained motor. The body should be in good shape with no cracks or broken pieces that suggest abusive riding by a former owner. A quality used ATV delivers a lot of bang for the buck.

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