If your want to continue motorcycling during the winter months, then it’s important to follow certain safety protocols. These safety protocols just might save your life during a winter ride if something happens while you’re on the road. Let’s get into a few important gear tips for winter motorcycling.

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The first and most important thing you can do while you’re out on a winter ride is stay warm. Staying warm while you’re out on your bike during the winter starts at your core. Since blood flows outward from your core to your extremities, it’s important that you keep your midsection nice and toasty. That way, your body won’t need to work as hard to keep the blood flowing to your extremities warm. In order to achieve maximum warmth, it’s important to layer. You’ll want your base layer to be something that wicks away sweat. Cotton is typically a no-go because it will absorb moisture and keep you cold.

While heated gear can be an option in some cases, it’s always going to be best practice to layer up with a base, insulating, and outer coat. Doing so will keep you comfortable while you ride.


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