What goes on in a diesel engine mechanic garage might not be what you expect. There are certain tips and tricks that make working in this type of garage a bit simpler and a bit easier overall. Long extensions for your ratchets and other tools makes it easier to remove them and makes your life much easier.

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Taking your time and working slowly is a great way to make sure that you are getting the job done right and that you are not going to run into issues down the road.
If you are traveling and your fuel pump goes out, often the commutator has gotten stuck and the brushes will not move, by hitting the fuel tank, you can get it moving again but you do need to replace it when you get a chance. Another great tip is if you have a washer that goes onto a bolt, super glue on the washer is a great way to keep it in place, it does not seal anything, it does not damage anything and it keeps the washer from falling back into the engine. With any issues that you might have, taking your time is the best method for figuring out what is going on.

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