There are many commonalities between good cars and good drivers. The following are some things you’ll find in all good cars that you may also find in the people who operate them.

1. They’re Prepared For Accidents

All good cars and the people who drive them are prepared for accidents. That’s one thing they have in common with each other. Thus, you’ll need to prepare yourself and your car. Your car should be set up most safely, and you should have all the resources you need to get help if an accident happens.

Finding a good car accident attorney is one way to prepare yourself for an accident. This person will fight to get you the compensation you might deserve if your accident qualifies as a personal injury. Personal injury cases involve negligence and injuries that cause the victim many financial hardships.

Another way to prepare for an accident is to sign up for roadside assistance. Roadside assistance plans will make help available if you ever get stranded. At the very least, someone will offer you a towing service to get the bodywork or mechanical repairs you need.

Getting your car prepared for an accident will require some investment. You’ll need to ensure that you have brand-new tires on your car that are suited for the type of weather in your environment. You’ll also need good brake pads if your car uses them. Having a full vehicle inspection done to check for other problems is a good idea as well. Furthermore, you need to learn about all the various safety features your car has and how to operate each one.

Re-reading the traffic laws in your state isn’t a bad idea, either. There might be something you don’t know about such laws. You can still take a refresher course, even if you’re already confident about your knowledge.

If you do the above-mentioned things, you can reduce the chances of getting into a wreck as much as possible. You still won’t have control over other drivers or manufacturer defects, but you’ll minimize the risk.

2. They Store Their Cars Correctly

All good cars and drivers also store their cars correctly. Therefore, you will need to take steps to ensure you store your car in a safe place. Storing your car can add years to its lifespan. It can also give you comfort and relieve you of any worries you might have about vandalism, weather damage, etc.

If you live in a place that doesn’t have a garage, you can still protect your vehicle by putting a car cover on it. A cover can protect it from scratches and dings from falling rocks, leaves, bird poop, and more. It may also deter would-be keyers and mischievous people from going through trouble to hurt or damage your car.

We recommend storing your vehicle in your garage if you can access one. The garage is the safest and most secure place to put your car if you want to keep an eye on it, and a good garage door company will let you know the best options you have for door styles.

You might need to install garage door components or parts if you’re currently having issues with the door. Alternatively, you can switch from a regular to an electric garage door or have someone install one to make your life easier.

3. They Follow the Laws

All good cars have good drivers who follow the laws. You must abide by all the laws of the land to preserve yourself as an excellent driver and avoid accidents. Many accidents occur because drivers are ignorant of the laws. Therefore, they engage in practices such as speeding, illegal turning, tailgating, and other things that cause them to collide with other cars. Thus, learning all the policies will help you to be a safer driver who doesn’t have to answer to the police or live with the thought of causing someone else bodily harm.

You must pay close attention to the laws regarding blood alcohol level and DUI. You can have alcohol in your system, but it can only be up to a certain level. No one should operate a vehicle once their BAL goes past the threshold. Additionally, it’s unlawful to operate a vehicle if you’re under the influence of drugs or even prescription medication.

You might find yourself needing to hire a drunk driving lawyer if you do not make yourself aware of those laws and abide by them as well. Education is the very first line of defense when you want to avoid accidents. You can start studying today and save yourself and someone else a lot of trouble.

4. They Keep Up with Maintenance and Inspections

All good cars are well maintained by good drivers and vehicle owners. Such cars often last for years beyond what their owners expect. Those vehicles are less likely to get into accidents from unforeseen breakdowns.

You can start making your car a safer vehicle by being more involved with keeping up with maintenance tasks starting today. The suspension and brakes are the most important parts of your vehicle to keep in good condition if you want to avoid accidents. Thus, you should have your brakes checked regularly and get them replaced when they get low or exhibit issues.

Your tires should always have a decent amount of tread on them, and you should never operate your vehicle with bald tires. Bald tires are subject to hydroplaning, puncture flats, and more.

Checking your tires before you go on long drives is another way to keep up with their maintenance. Check for low air, holes, lacerations, bubbles, and exposed wires. You will be glad you took the time to do this, as it can help you prevent an accident from happening.

5. They Keep Track of Mileage

Keeping track of your mileage is a smart way to stay on top of the maintenance tasks your vehicle needs. You’ll know exactly when to change the oil, air filters, tires, fluids, etc. It can also give you an idea of when your other components might need a little love and care. You can use a variety of methods to keep track of your mileage. The most basic way to do that is to write down what you see on your odometer.

All good cars have GPS tracking solutions, which are an additional method. GPS systems can keep track of the distance you’ve driven your vehicle and where you’ve been on those rides. Therefore, it might be wise to read the manual and learn how to use the system well.

6. They Know When Things Need Fixing

All good cars can have bad days. Because of that, you must stay in tune with your vehicle and gauge when you might need a procedure or repair. That’s one of the best methods you can use if you want to avoid accidents and mishaps. Your car will typically give you signs if it’s having an issue.

For example, your air conditioning unit might stop working one day, or it might give you a subtle warning like slow cooling or heating. You will then know that you need to find an AC company to refill your refrigerant or repair some parts of the system.

Cars often run roughly when they have vacuum leaks, need spark plugs, or have internal issues. You will notice something is wrong when you realize you don’t get nearly as many miles from a gas tank as you used to. Your vehicle may also stall, sputter, or fail to accelerate at a pace you’re accustomed to.

The good news is you can drive your car to an excellent auto repair shop when you notice those signs. An expert will examine your vehicle and perform the necessary repairs once the diagnosis is complete.

Knowing your car is one of the most crucial parts of being a vehicle owner. So, you should always pay attention to the sounds it makes, the smoothness of the ride, and its ‘spunk.’ You likely need a repair if any of those components seem off. The faster you tend to the issues, the better your chance of avoiding incidents.

7. They Keep Things Clean

Keeping your car clean can have many benefits, including raising the resale value. It can make you proud to know you drive in a clean vehicle. Keeping your car clean can also cut down on instances of allergy aggravation and virus spreading. Another reason to keep your car in top, clean shape is so that potential buyers will want to pay you more for it. Drivers love to get into clean vehicles and not worry too much about catching a cold or having any allergic reactions.

It doesn’t take much other than a personal commitment to keep your car in good shape. Try not to drink, eat, or smoke in your car. Remove all trash if you need to drink or smoke. Visit the local car wash at least once a week to wash the inside and outside of your vehicle, and ensure you use the vacuum services.

Additionally, you can look for manual carwash centers, detailing companies, or pressure washing companies to get a more thorough cleaning for your car. These providers offer specialized services that go beyond the basics to ensure your car is not only clean but also protected from the elements with coatings, waxes, etc. They’re worth the investment to dive deep into preserving your car’s integrity.

8. They’re Ready in Case of Emergency

All good cars have owners who are ready in case of an emergency. This means the owners have a list of providers programmed into their phones, or they have business cards, so they can contact these people at a moment’s notice. If you want to prepare yourself for incidents and emergencies, you’ll follow that method of doing so.

A good mechanic is the first person you should have on your list. This individual can inspect your car regularly and perform maintenance services and repairs. A locksmith is another provider you’ll need to keep in touch with. This provider will be available to offer lock services if you accidentally lock yourself out of your vehicle and need to get to work or an important meeting. He or she can gain access to your vehicle or create an entirely new key if you need it.

You must also keep the number to a good towing service provider. Getting it through a roadside rescue plan is probably the best way. That way, you can receive additional services like fuel fill-ups and battery charges. The towing will be available if the assistant can’t get your car started for some reason, and you’ll be glad you have an entire menu of help options.

9. They Are Safe Drivers

All good cars need safe drivers to reach their potential. Sometimes, being a safe driver is all you need to do to protect your vehicle, yourself, and other people on the road. A safe driver is someone who remains considerate of other drivers and also learns the ins and outs of the vehicle. For example, a car with a manual transmission needs special care and technique to run smoothly. You’ll also need to learn certain practices that can help you keep the car in good condition and avoid accidents. Downshifting is one way to slow down gradually so you don’t shock your vehicle’s system.

You can also put the manual transmission into a neutral position and use your brakes. This method of stopping is better if you need to come to a complete stop faster.

Staying far enough away from other cars is also a part of safe driving. You should be at least one car length away from the person in front of you and farther away in inclement weather. Little practices like that make the roads safer and more enjoyable for everyone. You can learn through experience or studies.

You’re now aware of many attributes good cars share with good drivers. Now, you can spend some time ensuring that you and your vehicle share the above-mentioned qualities, and you can think of a few additional ones to add. Have fun getting yourself and your vehicle ready for performance and perfection.

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