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Some vehicles we use all year round — if you’re a parent of several children, it’s very likely that you’ll be using that minivan or SUV to escort your children around town the entire year. In the cases of recreational or luxury vehicles, however, this is not necessarily the case. For example, a sleek, luxury sports car with a fresh paint job may not be the best car to drive during the icy winter months. In the same sense, a huge truck that’s used during the hunting season might not be the car that you want to swan around town in during a beach-filled summer. When you aren’t using your RV, for that matter, it might be better off in RV storage than in your garage. Cars aren’t the only recreational vehicles that tend to take breaks during certain parts of the year. Boats are rarely used during the cold winter months, and certainly cannot be left outside to brave the elements. Of course, even more practical vehicles have reasons to be safely stored away. When a big storm hits that requires evacuation, losing your vehicle could mean losing thousands of dollars — better, therefore, to keep it safely stowed away. Luckily, car storage systems make this possible — though they aren’t always limited to cars, as we mentioned above. Below, we’ll look into a few reasons why you might want to invest in secure car storage, and give you a few car storage tips while we’re at it.

1. Space

Even if you own a large property, recreational vehicles and vehicles in general take up a lot of space. Recreational vehicles in particular take up a lot of space. We mentioned storing your RV in a garage — in reality, many RVs cannot be stored in the typical garages, making RV storage not a want but a need. Recreational vehicles are, when not placed in proper storage units, often left outside. This can cause a lot of damage over time, even when the weather is perfect. Most recreational vehicles were meant to be stored inside, and can deteriorate quite quickly if left outside. For that matter, many people simply don’t like the idea of their recreational vehicles, whether they’re cars or boats, to be left outside where everyone can see them in their lawns or driveways. They become eyesores, and for this reason some neighborhoods prohibit this lack of storage. RV storage keeps them out of sight, but accessible when necessary.

2. Damage Control

Whether you’re looking for RV storage or luxury vehicle storage, damage control should be a major concern. Unless you have a top of the line garage, damage is always a concern when you live in an area prone to extreme weather. During storms, water can seep into garages, causing both aesthetic and functional damage to your vehicles. Many cars and motorcycles in particular are made with summer months in mind. The damage caused by winter weather can severely decrease both their value and functionality. Certainly, water damage and rust are easily avoided through storage units, and you don’t always have to make a major commitment to these units to gain access to them. Many storage unit companies will allow you to temporarily store your vehicles in cases involving short-term severe weather. This way, you can keep your vehicles safe even when you don’t plan on stowing them away for seasons at a time.

3. Security

Security is a particular issue for collectors of luxury cars or those who like to restore valuable old cars. While you can keep a few functional cars on your property at a time safely, owning many cars increases your risk of having the more valuable “show” cars stolen or vandalized. Car storage units decrease this risk significantly. You can access your cars for show or for fun — but criminals can’t. When looking for a storage unit, seek out those with electronic gates. This way, you can keep your vehicles as safe as possible.

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