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America is a society of keepers.
We keep old and outgrown baby clothes. We keep t-shirts from concerts, sports teams, and family reunions. We keep photographs and ticket stubs. We keep trophies and metals. We keep furniture and fabric. In fact, some would argue that we keep everything.
In a nation that is fond of memories and the items that contribute to them, our houses sometimes are too small for these saved items. As a result, many Americans rent self storage units that allow them to hold on to what is important to them without cluttering up their homes. Self storage units are an important part of today’s society. Whether they are used for large items like classic vehicles or they are used for holding furniture for a soon to be college graduate, storage units serve a real need. And while finding a storage unit for smaller items may be more common, selecting secure car storage requires special attention to detail.
Long Term Car Storage Units Help Owners Protect Their Investment
Home garages are great spaces for cars that are driven every day. In a home garage, these everyday cars are accessible and protected by the elements. They are not, however, protected from the every day activities that go on in most garages. Kids coming and going, bikes tipping over, lawn mowers and snow blowers sharing space that is often at a premium. For these reasons, many classic car owners decide to use car storage systems for winter car storage or for year round keeping.
Storing vehicles in rental units allows car owners to avoid rusting and water damage to valuable automobiles. In parts of the country near the ocean, for example, a storage unit can protect a car’s paint from the harmful damage of salt. In parts of the country where winter driving conditions require salt and sand treatments for the roads, on the other hand, storage units can keep classic cars off the roads during the months when more accidents occur.
Self storage units for cars, recreational vehicles (RVs), and boats are available in a variety of types. Some large outdoor lots, for example, may serve the purpose of convenient storage for large RVs and boats. Enclosed, temperature controlled self storage units, however, can provide even better protection.
Self Storage Units Can be Used to Store Personal and Household Items
In general, the storage industry is a growing part of America’s economy. Consider the following facts:

  • 52,500 storage facilities are currently located in America.
  • 172 thousand people in America are employed by the storage industry.
  • $22 billion in revenue is generated by the U.S. storage unit industry.
  • 2.3 billion square feet of ready to rent storage space is currently available in America.
  • 10% of adults in America rented a storage unit in the year 2012.
  • 65% is the increase in the number of Americans renting a storage unit between the years 1995 and 2012.
  • 21 square feet of storage space is available for every household in America.

The list of items that Americans put in storage can be very diverse. In almost all cases, however, the needs for these storage units are fairly similar. Renters need climate controlled locations that are free from water in some cases, and in other cases the temperature is not important, but eliminating moisture leaks is essential. for these reasons, it is important for renters to get an in person look at the space that they are renting. They might, for example, want to look for answers to the following questions:

  • Is the space clean?
  • Is the space dry and does it show any evidence of previous water damage?
  • Can I have 24/7 access to my private storage unit?
  • Can I drive up to my storage unit?
  • Does the self storage unit have video surveillance?
  • What are the monthly rental fees?

Whether you are looking to store household items like furniture and clothing or large items like RVs, boats, and cars, sef storage units are a viable option for many. In today’s economy, many of these storage locations are available. As a result, Americans often have several options when it comes to location and amount of monitoring that these locations have. Are you ready to declutter your home and garage and rent a self storage unit?

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