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Transportation is only getting better and better. What was originally not even dreamed of a few decades ago is now easily accessible, allowing for people of all backgrounds and budgets to get where they need to go with little problem at all. If you find yourself needing to go from point A to point B while going easy on your wallet, you may want to consider a limo service. Contrary to popular belief, these aren’t only used for fancy occasions! They’re a flexible and stylish way of traveling locally, putting money back into neighboring businesses while giving you the privacy and efficiency you desire.

What Are The Most Common Methods Of Travel?

Let’s start off simple. How do people like to travel and why? The United States sees the taxi and limousine industry generating $11 billion in revenue year after year, growing in popularity for their local flavor and easy access compared to other methods of travel. Airport transportation companies frequently use limo services and taxis to supplement the smaller travel sessions of their client base.

What Are The Less Common Methods Of Travel?

Although plenty of people still drive cars, they’re slowly falling out of favor for long-distance travel and local back-and-forth. Cars, trucks and similar vehicles are notorious for clogging up freeways, using up a ton of gas and negatively impacting the surrounding environment. Not only can airplanes (and, by association, limo services and taxis) transport more people, they use less in the long-term. For students and business-owners, the flexibility afforded by corporate transportation and limo services gives them the freedom to work where they wouldn’t otherwise in a car.

What Are Limo Services?

Did you know there are over 130,000 limousines in service in the United States alone? Pretty impressive for one of the smaller industries! Stretch limousines are the second most requested vehicle type for business clients in the country, considered the perfect combination of local transport and comfort for business meetings. Limo services come in a variety of different sizes and shapes for your convenience. Similar options include party buses, which are affordable and unique options for group transportation rentals.

Who Uses Limo Services?

Throwing a bachelor or bachelorette party? Try a party bus or limo service! Need to set up a business meeting while traveling? You can’t go wrong with a stretch limousine. Local transportation is both cheaper and safer than bringing your own vehicle, which may not even be an option if you’re traveling by airplane. It’s estimated 60% of limousine companies are small, with less than five vehicles regularly transporting people back and forth — studies have shown half of all limo services providing both businesses and corporate customers regular trips week after week. Should these options sound viable to you, all you need to do is phone in your local limo services once you get off the plane or train.

Which Traveling Option Is Right For Me?

If you want to save money while still traveling comfortably, you’ll want to check out your local taxi and limo services. The taxi and limousine industry grew by a stunning 3% year after year between 2009 and 2014, making it one of the fastest growing transportation options around. For the business owners and executives among you, these are prime for giving you the freedom to discuss and study while still getting where you need to go. Best of all? You support local businesses, help the environment and save money. Where can you go wrong?

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