Want to get into tuning cars but don’t know where to start? There’s a wealth of resources to help you out on your new interest. The automobile industry in the U.S. is up to $287 billion, with a growth rate of 3.6% by 2020. People love cars, and many love to modify as well. You may have tons of ideas in mind, or simply feel inspired by one of your friend’s modded cars. But you don’t know what to do with things like import tuner parts, performance parts, or racing parts. A beginner has a world of possibilities ahead of them, so don’t feel discouraged that you’re not so seasoned.

1. Seat

Seats are a common and relatively easy mod to do that does not involve any of the complicated stuff like import tuner parts, replacement parts, and fuel surge tanks. Aesthetics are just as important as performance, because who wants an ugly fast car? Upholstery fittings for your seats can be a great project to tackle, as it can serve as a guide for the interiors of your car.

2. Wheels

The tires and rims of your car are another easy job to tackle. Every tuner needs a great set of wheels, because it’s what keeps it moving. There a lot of flashy, classic, and unique tire mods out there that can help spiff up your tuner with little effort required.

3. Stance/Suspension Height

Another common mod that doesn’t require any complicated import tuner parts is lowering the suspension of your car. What do most tuners have in common? They’re pretty low to the ground. This one is a little more complicated and harder to get down. Depending on how low you want to go, there’s a lot to take into consideration regarding the wheels, arches, underside, and practicality. If you intend on still using the car, the super angled and on the ground “hellaflush” look might not be for you.

4. Plastic Trimmings

Changing the trimmings of your vehicle is a quick way to elevate the look. The grill and bumper can be super easily replaced with something more interesting. There are an array of patterns for grills. Bumper shapes can change the whole shape of the front of your car. Many cars have to capability of installing hood vents as well which can completely change the vibe of your tuner. Plastics can either make your car look unique or classic.

5. Exhaust

If you’re ready to get into some of the import tuner parts, you can look into how you’d like the exhaust pipes on your tuner. There are quite a few possibilities in this part, including the number of mufflers and the sound you would like. Many tuners prefer a dual muffler look with a loud and heavy noise. You can find plenty of options through an import tuner parts shop, along with recommendations and compatibility.

6. Spoilers and Wings

You can spot a tuner by the spoiler or wing. This is a very easy mod to do, and often the one that a lot of beginners start out with, as it’s the most aesthetically pleasing. There a several options for spoilers that affect the aerodynamics of the car, many touting that they reduce drag and affect down force. Serious racing spoilers and wings are adjustable. An import tuner parts shop should have plenty of these in stock, in order for you to find the perfect match for your tuner.

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