The RV that you found was more than you could have ever hoped for. It is far from new, but it only has 40,000 miles on it. The interior is dated, but you are more than a little excited about the interior updates you have planned. At a fraction of the cost at a new model this size, another major advantage is that the diesel fuel system parts have recently been serviced. There were many other used RVs that you considered, but the fact that this one was a diesel with compound turbos makes it the perfect fit for you and your wife.
You will not always be traveling long distances with the RV, but when you are on the road you want to make sure that it has the power to drive up to the mountains or down to the ocean.
Diesel Fuel System Components Offer a Number of Advantages
Many of us will never drive a diesel vehicle, but most drivers admit that once they have they are reluctant to go back to a non diesel car, truck, or RV. The power in a diesel is more consistent and predictable and the latest diesel fuel filter replacements make it easy to upgrade older engines to a more powerful driving option. Consider these facts and figures about the many times that diesel, especially compound turbos, are the right decision for a variety of transportation needs:

  • The latest marketing research indicates that there are 50 different models of diesel engines available to consumers today.
  • Despite the variety, for every 100 trucks sold in the U.S., 10 diesel engine trucks are sold.
  • For many drivers, diesel is the fuel of choice because it has 12% more energy per gallon than gasoline and has fuel properties that prolong engine life. These factors make diesel the ideal choice for heavy duty vehicle applications like RVs, tractors, and over the road semis.
  • Representing 17% of total fuel sales behind gasoline, diesel fuel is the second largest transportation fuel used in the state of California.
  • Currently, vehicles that are diesel powered account for approximately 4% of the entire vehicle fleet in the U.S.

Finding the right kind of car or truck is always a big decision, but it is important to know that there are many times when a diesel powered engine will provide more consistent and higher performing results.

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