In 2016, there were 1,871,700 heavy trucks and tractor-trailer driver jobs. The safety of all these employees in the big trucks industry is an issue of concern. Moreover, the big trucks drivers also share the road with other users. Therefore, they have to carefully drive and park to prevent any accidents. Unlike in small cars where the occupants use the car mirrors for personal grooming, mirrors for big trucks are essential for professional driving. Mirrors for big trucks serve as an extra set of eyes for the driver. Therefore, it is crucial to keep them properly positioned, clear, and well cleaned. A good set of big truck side mirrors determine whether you will back into other vehicles or end up in a ditch or a river. Just like other BIG machine parts, it is vital to keep your truck’s mirrors well maintained. A good truck driver should check the easily accessible machine parts before starting the journey. Here’s a guide that will assist you in getting the utmost benefits from mirrors for big trucks.

1. What’s the Best Set of Mirrors for Your Truck?

Most inexperienced drivers might be confused about what to do in case they encounter a minor accident that damages one of the mirrors. Let’s say a kid strikes your mirror with a stone or a baseball and it cracks, what can be your immediate action if you are in the middle of a long journey? Of course, you will be upset and make a quick decision, which may be improvising a temporary mirror. Fixing such mirrors risks encountering an accident due to a blind spot. It is always essential to purchase the right truck parts. You can browse through the truck parts catalog available at your vendor or check what is recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Regularly maintain the Mirrors and Replace them immediately they Break

Although some of the newest trucks that are expected in the market, such as Freightliner Cascadia, Thor ET-One, and Hino XL 8, will require low maintenance unlike the old models, maintaining the mirrors will still be mandatory. In case your mirrors are damaged, you will have to replace them immediately. Regardless of your experience as a truck driver, you cannot stretch your neck and look at what’s happening at the back of your truck. However, you might somehow manage to drive safely for a shorter distance if you have a team. You don’t have to go through this hassle. Check out big truck side mirrors from a reliable truck replacement parts vendor. Most of the vendors have experts who will guide you on choosing the right mirrors to suit your truck. Although you might find a different color or style, it is better driving with the mirrors unlike driving without.

3. Check if the Mirror Heater is Working

If you are driving through a location where ice and snow are common, you can attest to the importance of mirror heaters. Although they are not mandatory for every region, it is necessary to equip your truck with this latest technology. With the significant progress of technology, more futuristic Big machine parts are being introduced in the market. For instance, Thor ET-One, an all-electric Class 8 tractor is expected to have more than 30% power than diesel trucks. It is also expected to save on more than 70% on fuel and 60% on maintenance. In essence, most of the new vehicles are equipped with advanced technology parts including the mirror heaters. In case yours does not have these parts that make work easier, you can purchase them in the truck accessories shops.

4. Purchase and Mount Additional Mirrors to Increase Safety

In addition to increasing safety, side mirrors for big trucks such as the Hino XL series have an aesthetic significance. You can enhance your truck’s look by mounting an additional set of mirrors. If you have a fleet of the same model trucks, you can purchase spare parts in bulk. You can also carry an extra set in your truck for fixing in case of an accident. In most cases, the support arms for the mirrors remain intact in case of accidents. Therefore, you don’t have to invest much in buying the support arms spare parts.

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