You wake up in the morning prepared to start another Monday on the right foot. You’ve got your coffee, you’ve got your scarf. You’ve got everything…but a spotless car.

It seems a storm left a few nasty surprises for you last night. With your hood covered in bumps and your window coated in cracks, there’s only one place to go: your auto paint shop. While you may be tempted to try a DIY method to buff out your ride, these are unreliable at best. They can even make the issue worse if you don’t know what you’re doing! Finding an auto shop that knows how to patch out dents isn’t that hard, especially when it gets cold.

Prepare for the winter season the right way. Get familiar with the benefits of a car body shop beyond your usual oil change.

Auto Hail Damage Is No Joke

A dent is rarely just a dent. It’s a blemish on your week and a trip to the auto body shop…if it hasn’t hit anything vital. A recent survey found as many as 75% of cars today were in need of some dire maintenance or repairs. Even worse, these numbers get even higher during the troublesome winter season. The four main causes of auto body damage include the weather, fender benders, high speed collisions, and general negligence.

Hail Storms Are Getting Worse

Unless you have a good garage — and even when you don’t — you’ll be exposed to the aftermath of hail. These can lay to waste all your hard work and rack up hundreds in repairs. DIY methods can seem appealing for the lower cost, but the trade-off is a result that may or may not be worth all the effort. The six basic types of windshield breaks today are surface pits, combination breaks, half moons, the bullseye, cracks, and star breaks. Your collision repair professional will be able to identify them in no time at all.

Car Crashes Get Common In Winter

Summer encourages reckless behavior thanks to the easy weather and long hours. Winter, however, is no slouch when it comes to increasing the rate of accidents. There were two million rear end collisions in 2014 alone, accounting for 35% of all crashes that year. It’s estimated there’s a rear end collision on American roads every seven to eight seconds. Auto hail damage and bumper repair is all in a day’s work for today’s auto shop.

Windshield Cracks Can Start To Spread

As touched on above, windshield cracks come in quite a few varieties. All of them, however, have the potential to get much, much worse. Half of all windshield cracks and replacements come from a crack that’s seven to 12 inches long. These are called ‘long cracks’ and can originate from a crack that’s less than an inch long. Pressure changes from the wind and temperature are to blame for your molehill turning into a mountain.

Auto Body Services Are Always Ready To Help

You’re staring at the auto hail damage and wondering what comes next. Do you hope the problem doesn’t get worse or take the initiative now? Instead of waiting for your windshield crack to spread, reach out to a car paint shop and ask them about their dent repair. These issues can be patched out in a matter of hours, returning you to your workweek without a hitch. Even better, they can simultaneously take a look at any other issues you may have.

Get off on the right foot. Let a car body shop patch up that dent for you.

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