The owner of a motor vehicle is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of that vehicle, and this means changing the oil filter, putting on new tires, and more. In fact, blunt trauma can damage a car’s body or windshield, and this calls for auto body repair at repair shops. Professionals can perform paintless repair work such as car ding removal or auto body repair on the hood or trunk. Not only that, but at auto body repair shops, it may be possible to have the car’s windshield replaced if it is cracked and damaged. What might put such large dents on a car’s body or windshield? Car dent removal should be done right away after such trauma, or the car may suffer.

Auto Dent Repair

A number of hazards might put dents in a car’s body, big or small. To begin with, hail is a natural hazard if the hail pieces are large enough. Most hail is small, but if the hail is the size of golf balls or even baseballs, the ice balls are large and heavy enough to pound dents all over a car once they strike. Meanwhile, a car may get large dents, dings, or creases from glancing blows against other cars or against items such as fire hydrants during auto incidents. A car doesn’t have to be totaled to need repair after an auto incident, after all. In yet other cases, a truck carrying cargo might let some of that cargo loose by accident, such as bricks or cinder blocks that go flying free from their restraints. Such items may strike a car’s hood or windshield and cause major damage. And finally, vandals might strike a car on purpose and put dents all over its body, such as with crowbars or baseball bats.

A car covered in dents is not aerodynamic, since those dents disrupt the car’s smooth surface and thus harm its gas mileage. Besides that, such dents are very unsightly, and they can lower a car’s trade-in value or sales value during a transaction. Car dealers may have discounts on cars that have visible hail damage, and where a used car is concerned, “hail damage” is a category all on its own. So, a car’s owner may want to look up auto body repair shops in the area and visit, and allow crew members there to remove dents. These experts may remove hubcaps or steel plates and pound out dents from the other side to restore the metal’s shape. This may also involve raising the hood or the trunk to access the underside.

Paint repair may also be done after such an incident, since some of the paint may have been scraped off or otherwise damaged. Many auto shops offer paint touch-up jobs for car owners who can’t easily do this for themselves. This involves sanding down the affected area, putting on primer and new paint, then applying sealant and allowing it to dry.

Glass Damage

Just as flying debris or accidents may put dents in a car’s body, such hazards can also threaten the glass on a car as well. A car’s windshield is tough and designed to endure strong winds, but it is not indestructible. Flying debris that comes loose from a truck, as mentioned earlier, can strike the windshield and put large, ugly cracks in it. The same is true of hail, and hail strikes often create spiderweb-shaped cracks on the front and rear glass of a car. Auto accidents may damage the glass from transferred kinetic energy, and vandals might damage a car’s windows (or break them entirely) with thrown objects or rod-like objects.

If a car’s glass is damaged, the cracks cannot be pounded out like body dents. Instead, the crews at an auto shop will remove any compromised piece of glass and replace it with a new one, especially the windshield. Cracked glass is ugly to look at and makes the car very unattractive for sales, not to mention how cracks are distracting and may interfere with driving. Worse yet, cracked glass might crack further or even shatter with enough force, so cars with cracked windshields typically fail safety inspections. The only option is to replace the glass.

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